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Year 2020: 15 Versatile Prom Hairstyles With Bangs For Short, Medium & Long Hair

Year 2020: 15 Versatile Prom Hairstyles With Bangs For Short, Medium & Long Hair

While prom is around the corner, high school girls are already creating their big night images and thinking about their perfect hairstyle. And that's great! I'm pretty confident fresh hairdos of year 2019 won't leave any precious lady indifferent here.

It's all because they are rich in textures and approaches. Both updos and down hairstyles for varying length will look up-to-date and to the point. Need some bashfulness? Well, then try some braiding. This is a hot trend for the current prom season...

#1 Medium length with bangs

Banal? Average? If you refrain from too festive and provocative solutions, this simple yet appealing style is your good choice. All you need is to iron your hair paying special attention to tips and brush your bangs to one side by avoiding sleekness. All hair fashion tendencies 2016 insist on being natural - no chestnut color, boyish shaved sides or strasses.

prom hairstyles with bangs photo - 1

Still doubting if this image is too plain to be worn to prom? I bet you are not.

#2 J.Lo's volume & natural gloss

Jennifer's gorgeous looks always pull heads and magnetize thousands of devoted fans. For you to look a bit of a celebrity, just make the same easy but 'Porsche-like' hairdo as you see below.

prom hairstyles with bangs photo - 2

The three tips for you here are: a distinctive central parting, voluminous tips achieved through applying a texturing hair product and drying at a low speed and a very gentle, feminine makeup.

#3 Go straight: bangs + perfectly flowing hair

Long, well treated hair is cool but sometimes you get bored with it and others do not perceive you as a lady 'outside the box'. Hey, it's an appropriate moment to change your image without sacrificing the length. Such hairstyle is a so-called 'statement' look. Shiny, heavy bangs paired with thick, sleek hair demands attention.

prom hairstyles with bangs photo - 3

To all, you can keep wearing this style after prom by curling the tips or brushing bangs in a different manner. And, what is most importantly, you will spend little time to get prepared for this important party.

Wow, below is another bold roundabout idea for hot brunettes with bangs. Instead of wearing straight heavy fringes, pull them to one side and let the tips continue falling down in an arranged 'messy' way. Light waves are a beneficial trick of this whole look.

prom hairstyles with bangs photo - 4

#4 Rule your curls, rule the ballroom

Fancy hairdos go to the past and give the way to unpretentious and spontaneous shapes. The girl right after this sentence looks like she has recently washed her hair and let it dry naturally. A bashful short dress and a few applications of cosmetics are all she needs to show up on the prom celebration.

prom hairstyles with bangs photo - 6

#5 Its majesty, a prom bun

Prom is something more official than regular parties you have with girlfriends. If you hate too much chic and gloss, go for this trivial hairdo. Straight, thick bangs are matched with a bottom bun embroidered with a flower. This small fancy fits with the dress style and texture hence deserves being mentioned among other looks in 2016.

prom hairstyles with bangs photo - 7

#6 Messy braid secured with a puffy flower

Braids never come out of vogue. They can be both a beautiful decoration and a hairdo on their own. Proms do not happen every day but I know girls who are against heavy and unnatural hairstyles.

prom hairstyles with bangs photo - 8

In this case, you are 2 steps away from a complete 'do. First, make a loose side braid and, second, secure it with a peony decoration.

#7 Side bangs & a pony tail

Pony tails may be as romantic as curls or braided updos. Everything depends on your vision and preferences. Two images below feature possible variations of such a common and wanted hairstyle.


Comb the bangs in two sides and nap the crown slightly (above) or to a bigger extent (below).


#8 Puffy bangs, wavy back

Bangs do not suit every single lady. However, it might be because they choose a wrong kind of bangs. Thicker half-round bangs work well with a puffy hairdo.


At the same time, blowout fringes are appropriate for sleek decisions with long, gorgeous pony tails or updos.

#9 Side-swept curls (with highlights)

Focus on the geometric lines rather than separate elements of the image. Comb the hair to one side having curled ends a little bit or go further and curl entire strands.


Arrange these strands tightly and apply a lightweight fixation product. Remember to put on heavy earrings because this is prom and you need to be special.


#10 Go loose

This is just one more reminder for you in 2019. Forget about tight hairdos or chignons. Sleek down the crown and bangs like this lady to create a party image.

Or be more casual with such a messy and aerial hairstyle...


You will be irresistably tempting during this prom!