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How to get rid of frizzy hair ?

How to get rid of frizzy hair ?

To overcome our hair and if we want that she "listen" us, it is important to know what type of hair we have and how it behaves.

Such a selection of hairstyles will be practical and easy to maintain. I advise the use of professional cosmetics, foam volume lift and infinium hairspray.

Normal hair - the most rewarding types of hair, and the most common. There is no hairstyle that you can do with normal hair. We have a short, pageboy, shoulder length or very long. No limits, let a specialist handle it and let him dance with your hair.


If you look at your hairdresser you will notice a slight smile on his face when you touch your hair. I advise the use of professional cosmetics, liss control cream and macadamia oil.

Brush or thick hair - with her we have to do the opposite of thin hair. As with thin hair we need to build volume, this way we have to put out. We advised all lengths but with professional approach. In a lot of cases with hair brush biggest challenge is "too much" hair.

The professional term is trim, which means it has two length hairstyles below shorter, and over a longer section of hair, so we can say we take the excess hair. I advise the use of professional cosmetics, flat airon cream and macadamia oil.

What hairstyles are for hair which hair type?


A thin or fine hair - the touch is gentle like silk. It's easy to shape. Is rapidly dried. Recommended length of the ear and to the shoulder and not too layered cut. Would not have advised very long hair or very short hair. A good choice is the pageboy. The professional term is gradual haircut, which means; tuft of hair supports the following strand of hair that is cm shorter, so there is a natural volume.

How to get rid of that frizzy hair is the question that has to be answered

Young woman looking at her hair, close-up

Your hair is again flying all over the place? Help is coming!

Often, yet in the morning we lose our nerve when our hair cancels obedience, and if that happens before an important business meeting, then we are on the tormented.

Here are the most important tricks of professional hairdressers which will help your hairstyle again be in top shape!

The lifeless curls


Proud of your beautiful curly hair, but sometimes curls can lose its elasticity and vibrancy and just hang tired on your head. But also a hair with mini curls, can lose shape. This trick helps for a moment: with the head down dry hair, spray with a little spray for curls, well-mash hands and that's it! Curly hair can refresh so that it rub a little products for styling and shine curls, and to achieve a glamorous look, lift a section of hair with a bobby pin.

Dried peaks

Head and Shoulders Portrait of Woman Looking to the Side

And long hair, the pride of every woman, has its disadvantages. After a long styling that includes a blow, twisting, combing ... hairstyle looks perfect, but all these process dried hair to its peaks looks like straw. It will help you if you can drop one - two silicon gel drops directly to dry peaks. There are various serums that will control the disobedient hair, and occasionally placing a mask for hair (once a week) can help to control these side effects that plague many women.

Short hair


Women with short hair, knows that its greatest affliction, is the morning bearings, especially on the scalp. If you do not have time to wash, pass wet hands through hair and short hair will blow out the bottom. Try a little fingers shaping and you are ready.

Electric hair


In winter, its typically a piece of crackling and flying to be all over the place because due to dry air and friction generated by placing and removing caps and scarf’s, the hair starts to pounding with static electricity. Among the palms distribute a little conditioner that does not wash and with hands smooth the hair - moisture will momentarily tamed.

The alternative is to move through the hair with a brush sprinkled with a little hairspray. Spray to moisturize the hair, apply from roots to ends before each hair drying hair. Then dry your hair normally, at the same time forming it.

Now we will list a few tips for how to get rid of frizzy hair, naturally and at home


  • Use vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar mixed with water and then massage your hair and scalp from 10 to 15 minutes
  • Eggs are a natural homemade remedy for frizzy hair
  • Avocado will bring your frizzy hair the shine and glow she had missed
  • Banana mask for your hair will take away the dry hair in no time
  • If you wan to get rid of frizzy hair try not to shampoo it very often; 2or 3 days a week is normal
  • Make sure you don’t blow dry your hair for too long, it dries and makes your hair peaks get damaged fast
  • Frizzy hair can be solved with the right brush and brushing
  • Coconut oil is another great product for frizzy hair
  • Hair protection through different seasons is very important
  • And the easiest way of getting rid of that frizzy hair is a pony tail – always fashionable and in trend, both will make your hair looks like it was never frizzy

So, we hope that we have helped you and give you good and effective advices for getting rid of that frizzy hair.