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7 Amazing Hair Styles for Black Women over Fifty Years

7 Amazing Hair Styles for Black Women over Fifty Years

When you cross the threshold of 50, you definitely revise your appearance and style. Hair is a key point of every woman's image, so it's important to remain graceful, attractive and up-to-date. Growing older does not equal giving up previous habits.

Black hair is somewhat difficult to maintain though, so the optimum choice is short to medium length with no contrasting transition of hues on your head. Also, a hairdo should reveal black lady's natural longing for unpretentious looks and a striking lifestyle.

#1 Sassy blonde

Aging brings about one big problem with gray hair. While some females consider it a normal process and refuse from dying it, others attempt to add refreshing strands like on the photo above. A short hairdo with insertions of carefully waved and styled caramel locks wipes years off the face. A half opened forehead adds some youthfulness to a black lady over 50.

#2 Short and natural

That's what I've just told you. She is not ashamed of showing her honorable age and makes the most of it. Super short hair left curly and uncolored fits well with her straightforward look and smooth forehead. This is a very decent answer to years trying to win over the youth in her eyes.

#3 Textured ringlets

Curls act on women of any age in a wonderful manner. Keep your locks short and glossy, make them fall down the face freely yet not messy. Can you tell this female is behind her 50s? I guess, no.

#4 Cute afro

short-haircut-for-black-women-over-50-14Short, laconic, reserved. This woman uses her age as an advantage. Gray strands serve as a contract to her lovely eyes - as young as 30 years ago - and miraculously pleasant skin color.

#5 Field of cornrows


Perhaps, braids are more typical of a younger generation, but with black hair any woman can afford experimenting. Neatly made, even cornrows play a sleek part in front of the head and open a nice shape of the face by going down from behind.

#6 Swept back caramel 'do

short-haircut-for-black-women-over-50-18With swept back curls, it's so easy to start a countdown of years. Such a hairdo is a stunning accent on an original taste and a good style. To achieve the same effect, lift your wavy hair at roots and add some puff. Indeed, it's a worthy solution for an oval face the frame of which is fairly clear and outstanding.

#7 Brownish short bob

short-haircut-for-black-women-over-50-20Viola Davis is an icon of super cool afros. She is courageous enough to reveal her best assets and is proud to wear black skin. When you can easily style your hair like this and look heavenly, nobody will think of your age. All attention will be turned to paying honest compliments.