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70 Best Short Hairstyles for Black Women with Thin Hair

70 Best Short Hairstyles for Black Women with Thin Hair

In the past, people used to believe only long hair made women look feminine and attractive. Thanks God, now everything has changed and girls are even proud to wear chopped locks. This is much more interesting and thought-provoking than an ordinary medium to long hairstyle. However, with fine strands of hair it is essential to apply proper care and use adequate styling products.

A healthy haircut is very important. The recommended structure of thin hair for black women is a layered 'do with a lifted top. Avoid thinning the tips because the already-lacking volume disappears completely.

Many celebrities have fine hair but they don't think it is a problem. They make a start from what has been given to them naturally and improve it with styling, dying and drying their hair carefully.

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We've gathered the 70 most outstanding hairstyles for black women with thin hair right below

#1 Fast and puffy

Nearly everything beautiful is so hassle-free. This so-called 'hedgehog' style is easy to reproduce with layered cutting (the upper part gets more length and volume) and styling the bangs across the forehead with flimsy combing. A ruffled-up top will never betray this girl's trouble — her thin hair.



#2 Rebel style

Rihanna is well-known for her rebellious yet attractive appearance. The A 'do like this is a cool solution for girls who can't decide between a very short and just short length. One sleek short-cut side is a neighbor of a sassy quiff curled at the edges.



#3 Bangs rule the game

Caramel and black strands, the main part of the hair combed to the front and neat shaving from the back side — is that enough to look glamorously? This black female says 'Yes!' This slightly distorted but still cute hairdo draws attention to nice facial features (very cute eyes, a perfect face shape, and glossy skin). Nobody will even notice the thinness on your head!



#4 Natural coils

The easiest way of styling your hair yet staying looking smart is to leave its natural curly structure. Sprinkle your tresses with a light fixation product or create a ‘wet hair’ effect. Ringlets are a charming feature of black ladies, so it is always a great idea to put an accent on them.

short hairstyles for black women with thin hair photo - 6


#5 Textured pixie

As a matter of fact, short hair for African Americans is even more convenient than long hair. Slight ironing and ruffling make a cute and magnetizing pixie look that catches the eye. One important thing is to layer the strands correctly; the top should imitate the area of super volume and the sides are to frame the face to put forward each girl’s best features.


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#6 Cornrows and ringlets

This pic is not, in fact, about short hair but, rather, about hairdressing strands to achieve an illusion of wearing it short-cut with the help of ringlets and side combing. How you do it: Plait cornrows at the sides to make them look sleek and create an added puff by leaving genuine ringlets at the tips. Also, use specific haircare solutions to support easy brushing and styling.

short hairstyles for black women with thin hair photo - 8


#7 Glossy pixie

Such a pixie cut is comfortable, sexy and rather feminine. Even fine hair looks neat and healthy with just a few simple actions — drying with a volumizing effect and arranging side bangs that subtly cover one cheek. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you must trim your strands quite often to maintain the same shape.


#8 Black cutie

It’s not necessary to wear makeup to accentuate beautiful eyes and plump lips. Instead, try a hairdo similar to the one above. One of your sides is almost shaved while the other one features long bangs varying in color and straightened just enough to bring out the oval of your face. It’s charming and so easy to do!


#9 Bold and frank

Short and fine hair is a challenge but not a curse. With hairdressing corresponding with your character and mood, you can express your individuality and show your real ego. Lift the top, play with the tips, use haircare products to add volume and keep smiling. You don’t look sweet now — and it’s intentional, isn’t it?


#10 Asymmetrical bob

This hairstyle is simple and yet very effective. It is composed of two basic parts. The first is a short razor-cut contour and the second is a brushed cascade that looks really cute and attractive. It is an excellent haircut for oval-faced black beauties who want to look as marvelous as ever under any circumstances. This is a truly universal and stylish hairdo.

#11 Rectangular face upward haircut

This design is a good variant for both thick and thin hair textures as it grants volume and a really chic look for the owner. The sides are trimmed very short and the crown is brushed behind to maintain the shape of the cut. This hairdo is a fine option for a stylish and attractive young lady who always wants to look as gorgeous as heaven and radiate the light of beauty all around.

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#12 Natural short hair Afro

Due to the natural waviness of the hair, the afro style is perhaps one of the most widespread hairstyles for black women. The curls can be organized in various shapes and forms — here we’ve got a fine sample of short curls. It looks very attractive and the light color of the owner emphasizes the original feminine traits of her charming face.

#13 Casual wavy short style

Waves are natural and good-looking regardless of the length. Here we can see a variant of the bob cut made of waves. If you look closer, the waves are bigger on the top and smaller on the sides. It creates additional volume for a person’s hair and would be a good option for thin hair. The combination of several colors would also add an unusual flair to this beautiful, stylish hairdo.

#14 One-sided bob

The bob hairstyle is the symbol of youth. It will make any woman look attractive and fashionable regardless of her age. There is a part on top of the head which divides longer hair strands and shorter ones, creating a fine shape that would be suitable for oval-faced and round-faced women as it compensates for the length of the oval face and plump chicks with a round visage.

#15 Short goes good with black

Black hair is always in fashion. Dark hues of hair are natural for pretty Afro American ladies. Take a look at these women. We can see that all of them have high cheekbones and heart-shaped faces. They prefer short haircuts to make fine accents to their facial features. All the hairstyles, including with mid-short and very short length, look equally gorgeous and stylish. Don’t you agree?

#16 Bob style in various interpretations

This combo picture shows various lengths of bob haircuts. The tendency has shown that more and more dark ladies prefer this tomboyish attractive hairstyle. It is not only a practical solution, but also an effective means of self-expression. Those women who prefer short hair are not afraid to demonstrate their full potential and achieve their goals easier.

#17 Spiky Halle Berry

Those black women who have straight, wiry hair can try out a brand-new look that is preferred by award-winning actress Halle Berry. She cropped her hair at the sides and formed a crown of thorns on her head. It is shaped by means of fixating foam for an upright position. If you want to feel more confident, try adding some spikes to your look and it will definitely help you.

#18 Black sensual beauty

This type of short haircut represents a reserved sense of fashion and elegance in all the details. The whole hair is organized by means of a hair drier in several layers to increase the volume. The swift shape of the head in combination with a sensual make creates an unforgettable look of a refined honorable lady that is planning to meet her prince charming on a big black horse.

#19 Neutral Make-up with Short Curls Style

Short hair that has been finely cut can emanate confidence and make the wearer look very sexy. This model wears her hair extremely short in a variant of a native Afro hairstyle. Short, thin hair will start curling at the very roots, and if it is properly styled, it will create a fine hat of hair that will cover the top of the head with fine, seductive, tiny curls. It will surely attract the eyes of the people around you. Though it's necessary to be brave to try such a hairdo, it is definitely worth trying.

#20 Pictured close cut

This hairstyle has a curly top that looks nice and elegant. The sides are created by means of a close cut technique, which means that the hair is very short there. The density of hair at the short parts provides an excellent possibility for creating fine shaving art. Take a look at the fine lightning bolts that are located on the temples and reflect the fiery and energetic mood of the person.

#21 Ear-top pixie style

Pixie style hair perfectly matches all types of complexions, and chocolate skin color is no exception here. Oval face shapes will be finely decorated with hair of this type. It creates a fine hemisphere around the hat and a straight-cut fringe forms a fine line underlining the face shape. With this haircut, every woman will look gorgeous and attractive under any possible circumstance.

#22 Side-swept asymmetrical layers

Side sweeps are considered one of the best options for an elegant look that underlines the smooth traits of the owner and makes her look fabulous. This variant introduces sweeps of different lengths to grant additional style to the look of the owner. On the side it somewhat hides a part of the face, leaving space for some mystery that lies in the very being of womanhood.

#23 Straight-lined Mohawk style

A Mohawk hairstyle usually suggests a person of fiery temper and active spirit. It would be a great choice for a black woman with Afro hair. Due to the hair’s structure it will take on an up-straight position and remain unmoved even under strong wind. It’s an excellent choice for a wild femme who wants to demonstrate her fiery nature. Regardless of the length, it’s a very trendy hairdo for many women.

#24 Top side sweep

This type of swept hair offers a brand-new stylish look for a modern woman with a classical air about her. The sweep starts at the very top and goes diagonally to a single side only. The other side is either brushed backwards, making the side of the face look naked, or it is shortly trimmed to add an unusual style for the owner. With such a haircut, any black lady will definitely look like a queen.

#25 A whole bunch of tiny curls

Curls can be considered a fine sign of a lady with either an adventurous or playful character. The creation of this hairstyle can be even easier if the person who wants to have such a style has naturally curly hair. The small curls look very cool on the head, like jumping little springs of joy that react to the events in the surrounding world. Oh, and it should be mentioned that curls are often considered an ethnic trait of black people.

#26 Pompadour curl style

The pompadour is a refined technique of hair design that originates from the royal courts of France. There are various options of this design for both straight and wavy hair. This option introduces a fine style with dominating waves of luxurious hair on top of the crown. This hairdo will add some elegant classic charm to your look and will be perfectly combinable with both casual wear and formal dress.

#27 Curly crown

Have you ever dreamed of looking like a real queen? With this hairstyle you will definitely get such an opportunity. If you’ve got a golden hair color, this fine curled sphere will surely resemble a crown of some monarch. The curls always look gorgeous and attractive, so styling your hair in such a way would definitely change your look to something entirely new.

#28 Daring but gentle

Very often short cuts are preferred by daring women. It is a fine sign of a lady who is not afraid to experiment on herself and is eager to try on some new images. Such short hair can be introduced by either a crop or a lawn of tiny curls that look equally attractive and even seductive. So if you think that this hairstyle would suit you, go to the local stylist and try your luck!

#29 One-sided undercut

Undercuts are good! Undercuts are great! This hairstyle is always fashionable-looking, regardless of your age, complexion and face shape. While one of the sides of the head is almost shaved, the other has a fine diagonal bob that covers one half of the face like a veil, creating an illusion of mystery around the person who wears it. This is a splendid choice for women who want to look sexy.

#30 Up-and-down curls

This is another method of using your natural curls in the most unusual way. Half of the hair is organized in a curly bun on top of the head, while the other hairs flow freely around. It will look playful and gorgeous. It's an interesting idea to use various colors for the bun and other hair to create a bright, radiating image of an extremely positive person. Just imagine yourself with a brand-new look and try it on.

#31 Wild spiky lady bob style

A bob haircut with sharp spikes shows people a courageous and serious lady who is capable of setting goals and achieving them under any circumstances. If you want to enhance your look and make it more daring, just try out this brand-new awesome hairstyle. Being brushed to the side, it is fixed in place with some foam for a firmer look. The layers are placed one above another to obtain more volume.

#32 Long curled strings

This is a bob style with long spiral curls which are organized like standard layers of strands during the creation of the bob. There is one simple trick for this hairdo: it is mostly suitable for black women due to the specifics of their hair, which tends to curl more often and in a better way. Such a hairstyle would be definitely something new that you haven’t tried before and that will change your entire look.

#33 Modest and stylish

This is a fine casual hairstyle that will make you look both elegant and attractive day to day. The simplicity in styling and looking after it make this hairdo the best choice for a woman who is constantly busy and who doesn’t want to waste hours in front of the mirror. This hair design solves that problems and it can save plenty of time and preserve a good look as well.

#34 Backward-brushed and shaved

Ladies, are you ready for a serious change in your style? This might be just the right look that you were searching for. This design consists of fully shaved sides that are accompanied by hair that is brushed backwards. The sides are of a darker color, while the top is platinum blonde. The contrast between these two parts forms an excellent look for a creative personality and emphasizes the most outstanding features of the wearer.

#35 Pixie-style short cut variation

This haircut would perfectly suit the oval and round face types. The fringe is slightly diagonal and it almost reaches the eyes, granting a fine accent on any stylish makeup elements together with large earrings. It also smooths out some sharp features of the face, adding a graceful overall look of a cute woman. Test this option if it suits you well.

#36 Classic feminine Look

A short haircut may be a fine element of fashion that brings a totally new aristocratic look to your overall image. Short hair of this type will demonstrate all your attractive features to the people around you. It will be perfectly combined with some refined jewelry as it will draw attention to your neck, ears or eyes in a very positive light. To crown everything, this hairdo is very simple to maintain.

#37 Wispy standing haircut

This design encompasses both classic and modern attributes which are finely combined. The upper element is a version of a pompadour that looks very classy and chic, while the sides are done in an undercut style. This hair design offers a miraculous look that will make you look fabulous and attractive so that no one can withstand your feminine charm.

#38 Minimalistic hair design

This is a modest-looking bob that finely embraces the features of oval and round faces and makes your image even better-looking. This hairdo also belongs to the category of practical short cuts and is very useful when there is need for time-saving or the hair has become thin for some reason and requires rehabilitation. It creates a fashionable style with reserved elements in design.

#39 The wings of the phoenix

Even an ordinary bob haircut can transform into something entirely new and amazing. This design shows us a bob hairdo with a totally unexpected colour solution. The layers of the hair are dyed in red and orange, resembling the wings of a phoenix. It looks as if the lock are radiating with fire. With such a style you'll be truly unforgettable.

#40 Corkscrew curls

Due to the natural growth of the hair, curls can be organized in various shapes and designs. This hairdo boasts unusual tiny hair curls that resemble miniature corkscrews. They look rather attractive and simple simultaneously. The curls are not extremely demanding of care: regular washing of the hair and drying with medium-hot air will be enough to maintain it in order.

#41 Slick and wavy black bob

This is a tremendous bob hairstyle. It is composed of slick and wavy halves. This hairdo originated in French model salons and combines two styles: one contemporary strict look and wavy locks which are combined into a totally original image. This style will be a gorgeous option for parties and other events where a girl must look luxurious.

#42 Extremely short Afro

It’s hard to believe, but this also an Afro-style haircut, just very short. If you are brave enough for a short hairstyle, you can take a chance with this option out as it will make you look more amazing than ever before. Short hair is currently trendy and a short Afro can be considered doubly fashionable. However, one should pay attention to the point that an Afro looks better on oval and round shapes of faces.

#43 Asymmetrical one-sided bob

Asymmetrical hairdos are really something special. They look like two designs in one. Here, it looks like a simple long bob haircut with sweeps, while also appearing like a long wing that covers the entire half of face, adding a mysteriously charming look. Try out this unusual hairdo to see if it is the style that you were looking for.

#44 Brand-new Afro undercut

This is a fine combination of two types of hairstyle. The first one is represented by a traditional curly Afro hairdo that has native roots, and a fine modern undercut design with almost shaved temples, which stands for a contemporary style. It matches all types of hair, both thick and thin. The only prerequisite is having curly locks.

#45 Braided high-top look

This pleated haircut is created by means of braids. It requires a decent length of hair to obtain the opportunity to sculpt the plaits. They are necessary to form a spiral for this haircut. This model is an excellent choice of a stylish modern woman who wants to change something in her style and transform it into a totally new look.

#46 Super-short cut

This close-cut style is a superb option for a woman who is not afraid to try experimenting with her look. It might be scary to cut one’s hair to such an unusually short length, but if you have a round face and dark complexion, this hairdo will get great results. It will underline the perfect shape of your skull and make it a beautiful, stylish accent. The latest fashion shows have demonstrated plenty of short-haired models who've had a great success on the stage.

#47 Small curls, business style

This variant of a short curl hairdo is an excellent option for a modern business lady. It creates an image of a neat lady who takes care of herself in every detail. The hair doesn’t look strict, but it definitely is appealing with its positive-looking curls that attract the attention of the people around you. This model shows off a look that's an excellent time-saving option for busy women.

#48 Legendary graded bob style

This levelled, layered bob hairstyle is a highly recommended solution for many black women. It grants a strong emphasis on the cheekbones, eyes and chin as it creates an illusion of a frame or counter that forms a special type of accent. It looks more attractive than a standard bob for women whose faces are oval or almost round. It is an excellent option for a romantic woman, and there are plenty of celebs who prefer this hairdo.

#49 High braided bun

A hair bun can be made not only from straight hair, but also of plaits. Here we have a nice example where braids are intertwined to form a fine-looking high bun. It is considered a rather elegant, cute, stylish element of ladies' fashion and it really does add a gorgeous, feminine look for a woman. It seems that she is on her way to some Cinderella ball.

#50 One-sided sweep bob

This hairstyle is a splendid choice for a modern business woman, mother and just a pretty lady. Half of the hair is brushed backwards and the front fringe is additionally brushed to achieve a greater level of volume. It looks so classy and top-fashion-looking that it is really hard to resist the charm of the owner of the haircut.

#51 Wavy Mohawk

This Mohawk hairstyle combines both modern and classic attributes of fashion design. The sides resemble the classic rock singer style and the top is formed with slightly wavy locks which enhance the overall look of the wearer. It is an excellent choice for celebrating unusual events, and a woman with such a stylish hair look will attract the eyes of many people.

#52 Spring-style Mohawk

Tiny stylish springs will also look awesome when organized in a Mohawk. The bigger curls create an excellent accent on the top of the head. They are perfect for the square and reversed triangle face types, as it will compensate for the flat top of your crown and add some volume to the haircut. It will be a real surprise to see how sensual the curly style is.

#53 High-formed waves

This hairstyle can be done with wavy hairs of various lengths. The waves are necessary to be organized in a high-level volume. It is both a classical and modern-looking option for a serious lady. It is suitable for oval faces in particular. The classic air that surrounds the woman will create an elegant look that emphasizes all her positive features.

#54 Standard bob with a sweep

This hairstyle can be a splendid option for a fine African lady. It underlines all gentle features of a woman and grants an illuminating halo around the face with the help of a luxuriously shaped image. One side is slightly longer to change the proportions of the face shape. It will look rather attractive for all occasions that require the owner to look smart.

#55 Rising wavy pompadour

This hairstyle is a fine reminder of old times when such hairstyles were trendy. However, as people say, fashion is cyclical and returns every few years. This high pompadour is formed via wavy hair on both the top and sides. It will go excellently with any type of attire you decide to wear and provide you with an extra charming look.

#56 Dreadlock style

Dreadlocks are a very practical and stylish way of organizing one’s hair. You’ll require some patience to obtain this fine hairstyle. However, after some hours of work the result will be a fine style that will last for several weeks with minimal upkeep required. The dreadlocks can be easily washed and cleaned and they are not afraid of wind, rain or other weather conditions. Some ribbons can be plaited into the hair to add extra style.

#57 Pixie with a fringe

This haircut gives off a stylish tomboyish look. It is a pixie style with a long fringe that covers the forehead. It provides a really sensual and sexual look. The sides are cut short on purpose to accent the crown with a greater amount of hair. This brushed fringe and the charming glance of the lady wearing it will be a fine combination to astonish everyone around.

#58 Mini Afro style

The Afro is one of the most popular ethnic haircuts among black people. It is not only a natural manner of hair growth, but also a good reminder of the rich cultural history. Here we’ve got an average formed Afro haircut that is slightly touching the ears and primarily concentrated on top of the head. It creates a stylish and elegant look that will be marvellously accompanied by a gorgeous evening dress.

#59 Spiky undercut

If you prefer short hair solutions, then this option might be quite attractive for you. The oval face is framed by undercut sides which will give you a splendid new look. The spiky mess on the top of the crown creates an attractive look that suggests a creative personality. In general, spiky hair characterizes sexy ladies who feel confident about themselves.

#60 Square platform

This hairstyle is an excellent option for an attractive hair design. In this case we’ve got a short undercut at the edges and a fine spiky lawn platform that is style on top by means of a fixating gel. It would best suit an oval face as it slightly provides a visual change of the head shape, adding new square features. Such a hairstyle looks quite contemporary in the modern high-tech epoch without losing any feminine charm.

#61 Total curly mess

A mess on the head is on trend. It is a pure reflection of energy and willpower. This fine hairstyle won’t be a problem for many Afro women whose hair is naturally curly. The hair needs some simple enhancement for such a wonderful shape. Overall, this look is very simple to acquire and will be a fine casual style for everyday wear.

#62 Short box braids

Although this hairstyle takes plenty of time to be finally done, it is worth the hours spent on it. The braids are both good for activity, periods of rest, and for party evenings as they can preserve their shape and form for many weeks. It is very useful for long weekends or trips to some distant island when there will likely be problems finding a good stylist. The braids can be organized in any popular hairdo like this one in the shape of a long bob haircut.

#63 Top curled style

This is a variant of a curly hat that is formed mainly with the help of scissors. This hairdo requires the natural curliness that is characteristic for black women. Such a hairdo can also be achieved by applying a perm. It will add some playfulness to the look and will be a nice stylish attribute of a confident woman. All these tiny little curls are very good-looking if they are contrasted with a beautiful complexion.

#64 Parted chin-length bob curls

Curls can be applied for almost any type of hairdo and a bob is no exception. Curls are parted aside to frame the face in this beautifully designed haircut. It would be an excellent acquisition for oval-faced damsels who want to emphasise their best features. In general, these curls will become a fine fashionable accessory that will benefit any woman.

#65 So many options to choose!

Ladies, if you are eager to change something in your look, there are plenty of ways to do it with the help of a single visit to a professional hairstylist. There are so many different variants depending on the type of hair, such as a short curly bob haircut, a long wavy bob, a brushed-back undercut and many, many other designs that can help you to release your full inner feminine potential. The below models show you the vast opportunities for style changes that you can try.

#66 Short springs style

Curls are universally beautiful hair accessories. Those women who were lucky enough to be born with curly hair can afford to have wonderful wavy hairstyles. There are women who have curls only at the roots of the hair and it causes plenty of problems while brushing in the morning when the hair is dry. This short style can become an excellent option to preserve your curls and grant them a fine aesthetic look.

#67 Ear-length bob brushed to the left

Bobs are excellent haircuts for oval-shaped faces. The total length of the hair is not trimmed a lot and is brushed to the right in fine layers to add some shape to the volume. This short hairdo is very popular among women as it is very simple to maintain and you won’t have to spend much time washing the hair and fixing it with products that don’t have a positive influence on the structure of your hair.

#68 Short tomboy haircut

If you've got thin dry hair and an oval face, then this short hairdo will be a nice option to pick. It will compensate for the roundness of the face and smooth out the effect of plump cheeks. To avoid a dull look one can add some bright elements like colorful locks to make you noticeable in any crowd of people. This is a practical hairstyle for any age.

#69 Plaited formation with shaved sides

This can be an excellent opportunity to set long, beautiful hair into something unusual. If you are tired of simple braids, this hairstyle can change everything. Yes, this hairstyle can be a little bit tricky, but it is definitely worth the time spent. As you can see, it will become an important part of your image as all the hair will be transformed into a fashionable accessory that will always be with you.

#70 High feminine hairstyle

This is one of the most characteristic fashionable hairstyles. Hair of all shapes, lengths and types suits this style. It is fixed on the top of the crown like some kind of a tiara to grant a more imposing look. The hair can be curled to create an additional wavy effect and it will look even more gorgeous. The shape of such a fine design will definitely attract the eyes of the men around you.