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12 Asian Men Hairstyles. The Digital-Age Signature

12 Asian Men Hairstyles. The Digital-Age Signature

#1 Funky Asian Man

Hey ladies, super funky Asian man is on the stage! It’s time to say farewells to standard colored straight hairdo. Future has already arrived and it is knocking at the door with a sexy new look. The sides were sleekly styled backwards while the fringe was fixated upwards representing a male dignity. It is a very daring look indeed for a serious man who takes care of his image.

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#2 Fighter Style Hair

A short cropped hair is just the right thing for a person who goes in for various martial arts. Long hair for a fighter is only an obstacle, while the short hair grants a clear view of everything around. It is both simple in maintaining and attractive for ladies. This hairdo will definitely be compatible with your huge muscles that you pumped up in the gym with sweat and blood.

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#3 Long Loose Hair

If you prefer a lengthy hair, then this loose style hairdo will surely decorate your style. There is no need to style the hair in some shapes or use a gel to preserve the form – grow the hair and let it flow freely under the wind. Simple and time saving in terms of creation this hairdo will make you feel good. Check it or better try it, you will surely like it as there is nothing better than a natural look.

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#4 Short Light Brown Hair

If you do not like waking up with a pillow hairdo and you are constantly late because of styling a hairdo, then a short hair will be an attractive alternative. It looks smart and stylish. Moreover, it dries out very quickly and is styled without any problems. Pick this variant if you do not want anything extraordinary and the result will completely satisfy you in both practical and aesthetic ways.

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#5 Short Curly Hair with Shaved Sides

On rare occasions Asian people might have a wavy hair. In this case one can transform the peculiarity of hair structure into a fashionable element of the style. If you are not satisfied with a standard curly haircut, it’s time to modify it! Consider shaving the sides and obtain a personal designer curly hairdo that will correspond a modern futuristic epoch.

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#6 Medium Length Style

The loose hair of medium length is preferred by adult men, who occupy a position in some company. It is a serious modern hairdo of a business class. Yes, it is quite reserved, especially if compared with other futuristic looking designs. However, a business man does not require being as bright as a Christmas tree, he should look smart and elegant, in particular when he is in meeting and communicating with customers.

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#7 Standard Schoolboy Hair Cut

This hairstyle is very popular among schoolboys and university students in Asia. You see that in Asia the discipline is very strict and the demands to the look are also very high. If you are searching for the most universal hairdo for casual wearing, the model of this type would be the most acceptable one. It is quite simple in organizing and maintain in order – the best option for a student who is seriously into studying.

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#8 Straight Layered Hair Bob

A layered bob is highly preferable for males in Asia. But do not let the geek image fool you. It is a very classic looking hairdo that is equally simple and elegant. It looks very attractive in combination with natural tones of hair and brilliantly repeats the shape of the skull making an emphasis on its shape. Even with thin hair it is gorgeous, while with naturally thick hair it looks super!

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#9 J-rock Superstar

The Japanese subcultures are mostly known for brightly colored hair. However, there are some representatives who abandoned their brightness and changed it into a reserved classic look. Among best known Japanese rock performers is Gackt Kamui, who used to wear red, purple and other fantastic hair colors. Now he prefers a short spiky hair of natural light color that adds the artist a mature air attracting his fans even more.

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#10 Long Hipster Fringe

The eastern people prefer various unusual variants of style. While you visit Tokyo, the digital capital of the world, you can see a tremendous amount of styles and looks that one can hardly imagine. This model introduces one of the most standard and yet cool looking hairdos preferred by men. It introduces a cocky fringe with a whitewashed hair. In combination with a pair of glass it creates a stylish smart image.

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#11 Samurai Showdown

In comparison with all modern hairdos this hairstyle has got an extremely rich history. This hair model derives from the time of the samurais. The male bun of this type used to symbolize the dignity of the samurai and only the most respected warriors were allowed to own the hair of this fashion. It is one of the most renowned hairstyle for a man in the east so it would be a perfect variant.

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#12 Traditional Japanese Look

This long hairstyle is characteristic of the Edo period and is the most preferable hairdo of plain folks of that time. Nowadays men prefer using this hairdo in the hot springs in combination with traditional Japanese kimonos. It looks very attractive and charming not only for Asian men, but for other ethnic groups as well. Grow your hair till mid length and organize it in a tail and it will look gorgeous.

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