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Top 10 hottest trending short choppy hairstyles with bangs

Top 10 hottest trending short choppy hairstyles with bangs

Looking for short choppy haircuts that will make you look gorgeous this season? Then you need to worry no more because you are on the right path as this article will provide with the best tips on what to be done. Short choppy haircuts with bangs make a bold statement and normally lots of hair types and various textures wear this look.

Types of short choppy hairstyles with bangs

Flirty flip

This type of choppy haircut has perfect layers and also the side bangs that blend very well into the layers. Hair is normally cut just close to the neck then chiseled up around the face.

Strawberry streaks

This choppy hairstyle is a thin-line style and works well with pale blonde color. Apply some volume activating product and comb your hair as you part it on the side. Use a blow dry to drop some section of hair and then spray use the hairspray to add volume.

Punked out pixie

This choppy hairstyle is made by keeping the hair short around the neck. When the hair is wet put a touch of mousse and use a blow dryer and then apply a texturing pomade to add volume.


If you want to have that funky and glamorous look, try the above short choppy hairstyles.

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