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Top 12 retro hairstyles with bangs back with a bang

Top 12 retro hairstyles with bangs back with a bang

A woman’s tresses are perhaps her most prized possession and heaven forbid something should go wrong with our most valuable asset. All hell shall break loose if we were to wake up and find that (shudder...) something has gone wrong! So, what is it that we could do to ensure that our manes remain lustrous and healthy along with being low maintenance?

The answer is to keep it as simple as possible and it couldn’t get simpler than medium length choppy hair with bangs or maybe the ever classy and elegant Bob or even the blunt cut, in short go retro! Retro hairstyles have taken up the fashion industry by a storm over the last couple of years. And bangs are an all-time favorite, starting from the sexy siren look to the girl-next-door look you could do so much and more. Choppy hair or a blunt cut along with short bangs are the preferred styles when it comes to achieving the retro look.

Add to the choppy hair, a dash of “planned” mess (easily achieved with a bit of styling gel or serum) and voila we have the extremely hot just-out-of-bed look; blow-dry it to keep frizz out of the way and you have got the “Glam doll” look; curl it up a bit at the ends and shape up those bangs and we have “Marilyn Monroe” straight out of a fashion magazine. What more could a gal ask for??

Glam it up
Glam up your look with a pair of shades (you could try the Jackie Kennedy look) to beat the heat or a pair of rhinestone studded clips too could work wonders for your look. Go ahead and ask your mom,for a treasure-house of tips!