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20 Beautiful, Pretty and Cute Hairstyles for School

20 Beautiful, Pretty and Cute Hairstyles for School

#1 Messy Hairstyle

Messy hairdos are so popular with both teenagers and older women. So there is no wonder that you might wish to try this look on. A light mess on the head looks so childishly cute. It’s just the right selection for a schoolgirl. No more spending evenings on the forums to find the most appropriate hairdo for the next day. Just wash your hair and go to sleep and in the morning you will get your messy hair.

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#2 Temple Braids with Wavy Tail

Are you roaming through the vast nothingness of space attempting to fish out a brilliant idea for a super cool look? Check out this option. The braided temples with a slight hint on Mohawk hairstyle, a classic high pompadour and an attractive wavy tail make this hairdo the best choice for a pretty young woman. Be sure that with this hairdo you will be unsurpassable at the ball.

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#3 Loose Hair with a Sunny Ombre

The ombre hairdos grant a splendid image as they look really amazing with any lady. The hair of burnt cinnamon color reminds of a magic sunset that has left its touch on the lock. It would be even more effective when you return back to school after summer as it will remind you of the fun times you had and will have next summer.

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#4 A Splendid Winter Hat

In winter a hat is a necessary protective gear so that you didn’t catch cold, but if you do not like wearing one, you can always try to use your own hair as it’s the same wool and it will grant you a decent amount of warmth. So start plaiting your hair and wrap it around your head like a scarf. A decent level of warmth is 100% guaranteed.

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#5 Two Braids for a Schoolgirl

This hairstyle has become famous after the Britney Spears’ clip. Two sided braids are specifically devoted to the joyful and cheerful lady with positive thinking. Some might consider it somewhat infantile but it is so cute that one can hardly resist trying it on just once. And still, it is one of the most popular hairdos among the teenagers.

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#6 Free Hair with Middle Parting

Classical “good girl” hairdo that is so popular among high schoolers. Yes, it is simple but it doesn’t lack its own peculiar charm. If you wish to save time on studying and still stay a cool looking girl, choose this option as it is ultra-easy in maintaining and you will not have to think how to cope up with your hair every morning.

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#7 Tight Knot with a Pony Tail

Are you one of the girls who always misses her hairband? In case you did manage to do it, calm down and relax, you can do a knot of your hair and it will serve you as the real hairband. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? However, you need to be careful with this method, otherwise, the knot may become too tight to unravel it and that would be a problem.

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#8 Top Braided Crown with a Tail

Here you will see a modification of the hair crown that is skillfully combined with a fluffy tail. That looks really charming. Just start plating the braid but do not finish it and leave some space to pin it. Brush the remnant of hair that falls from the crown and a voluminous tail is ready. This hairdo is as simple as it can be and will look magically.

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#9 Dimensional Waves with a Sided Part

A good voluminous wave hairdo is something that is a must wear for a teenage girl. It is a double must with a blond hair. A distinct partition and fixating spray volume play their parts to increase the grandeur of this seemingly simple hairdo. All the teenagers want to look fashionable regardless of the age. And why not?!

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#10 Festive Wavy Updo

This is definitely not a casual hairstyle. Just put on your favorite evening dress and go to the dances. This updo would become an excellent option for a graduation evening where you need to look the best. Wavy hairdos are acknowledged the ultimate variant when you need to look pretty and festive during all important events in your life. Be the queen of the ball!

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#11 One-Sided Wavy Locks

Here’s another wavy luxurious option that does not require the assistance of the professional stylist. Brush the wet hair to one side and cover it with some protective serum to save your hair from being damaged by heat. Start making light waves and the hair will retain it’s one sided position. A splendid look for casual and celebration wearing is available with minimum efforts wasted.

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#12 Thick Lace Braid for a Girl

Now we have thickly layered lace braid for a modern teenager. This is a twin fish braid that matches a cute cool look of both a school girl and a college girl. It looks simple, though getting it done may require the assistance of your friends or a hair master. But the result will surely make you happy. An unforgettable image is guaranteed.

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#13 Slim Lace Crown with Down Falling Hair

A thick lace crown is like a golden chain that encircles the top of the head with a down falling cascade of the hair. This hairdo would be worthy of lady Galadriel – the elven queen from the stories by J.R. Tolkien. There is definitely something mysterious about this hairstyle, something that adds it an irresistible charm and miraculous air.

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#14 Crazy Plated Braid

Plating can be fanciful a lot! There are endless numbers of combinations that are possible to achieve during experiments with your look. Teenage girls are the ones who adore practicing with their image styles trying to find themselves. Here we have a structured pyramid of plates that ends with a cute pink ribbon. This creates an air of a stylish modern princess.

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#15 Cute Hairstyle with Simple Side Plating

Searching for a simple casual hairdo for everyday usage will lead you to this modern style. It is very simple and teenager looking. Moreover, it is very low time-consuming variant. Just start plating the hair at the temples and unite the tips at the back. It will add some feminine graceful look even to a girl who doesn’t like standoffish hairdos.

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#16 Diagonal Braid

A fine wide diagonal braid will look luxurious with thick hair. If it was modified with some gradient color, it will result in an attractive multi-colored braid. Several rows of the plating will provide extra volume and, of course, a better look. This beautiful hairdo is just something that will make you want to go to the prom and demonstrate yourself in your entire prime.

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#17 Gorgeous Plated Top with Bun

The plates look really cool in any possible variation. So if your hair length is not an obstacle for plaiting and you have some spare time for hair art, check out this option. This hairdo is made of separate strands of hair and later on, it is tangled and intertwined developing an intricate texture of your hair that ends up with a fine stylish plated bun. This is a fine hairdo for memorable events.

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#18 Dreamy Elegant Classics

For creative girls, especially for those who participate actively in some drama clubs, we’ve prepared this hairdo. You will resemble some romantic character from a love story with it. Take Juliette from Shakespeare’s love story - she was described as the prettiest lady in Verona and with this hairstyle you will surely be the beauty from the story, fortunately, with a happy end.

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#19 Cute Ribbon

For a shy girl who tries to avoid brightness and screaming look there is a simple hairdo that can add some prettiness to her with a simple procedure. Add a fine ribbon to your style, but not a usual one – this would be a bowtie made of your hair strands which would look adorable with both long straight and wavy hair. It will compensate the lack of confidence and increase your self-esteem.

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#20 Hair Decorates Hair

You do not always need a nice hairpin, a ribbon or any other accessory to obtain a fantastic look. If you’re the owner of the long hair, you can do some manipulations with hair and use it as a fine natural accessory that will look superb with your loose hair. It’s a fine idea that will definitely bring a change to your style. Being natural is as pretty as wearing a fashion accessory at schools.

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