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Dirty blonde hair - 10 unique ways of sparking up excitement

Dirty blonde hair - 10 unique ways of sparking up excitement

Nowadays, it is no longer surprising to find a woman who once rocked black hair, suddenly grow Blonde! The sophistication and elegance a nicely done blonde hair brings, explains this somewhat surprising trend perfectly.

So the equation is simple; if you want sophistication and elegance, then go Blonde! Especially If you haven't tried it before. You may also want to add a little bit of "class" by adopting a dirty blonde hair.

Color Difference

Blonde appearance and expression are so dominant, it is gradually becoming difficult to separate the "natural" from the "not so natural" blondes. For some, adopting this style and appearance could represent a change in style or behavior.

In recent times, Celebrities and Models alike choose the blonde essence and style to make a "statement" or just to draw attention. Several blonde hairstyles adopted by these celebrities have in a unique way of sparking up excitement and in some cases, an unwanted flow of criticism.

You may not be a celebrity like Miley Cyrus, but you can still get your friends talking about you. A seemingly dirty blonde hair color added to your look can help accomplish that.

Color Ideas

You may get addicted to looking at your mirror since blonde hair and a spark of excitement seem to go hand in hand. While a simple wig can give you the much needed blonde appearance, a dirty blonde hair dye offers so much more.

Unfortunately, these dyes do not last as much as they need to. Slowly they lose radiance and shine, and there goes your once beautiful blonde hair. So if nature was not fair enough to give you a natural blonde hair or your wig is failing, extensions surely wouldn't.

They retain their shine long enough and also blend with your hair while having a nice tint.

What to do now?

Depending on your disposition, hair extensions work well if styled and attached well, but so do wigs. Although, hair extensions are quite impressive and cheap, they are difficult to blend with your natural hair especially if you are styling by yourself.

You could also stick with the dirty blonde hair dye if you are looking at the long term.