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35 styles of Ombre hair for women which shows that the trend is not over

35 styles of Ombre hair for women which shows that the trend is not over

Long hair - we don't care. Bobs, braids and knots.

We've seen it all coming and going in 2016.

But what remains certainly constant is the ombre hair style. Regardless whether you’re possessing or taking the leap towards this hottest trend of the past few years, you should consider to step up the game with a funky colour combo.


Ombre associates more with the sombre look of a blond-brown mix. However, going for a red ombre doesn’t mean going all crazy and creating a rebellious look. Black cherry style, in fact, is a quite classical look for beautiful long dark here that melts into warm reddish, simmering tones.

Having said that, for those of us more adventurous and with the right wardrobe, bright red ombre hair will definitely be met with admiration and quite a bit of envy around a good number of fashionistas.

Consider asking your hairdresser to layer up your hair in order to go for that hot, dramatic, bright fire look.


Feeling, even more, daring this summer? Blue ombre hair is the way to go, whether you want to become a dreamy fairy or a dazzling mermaid at the beach. Despite the common misconception, this colour combo goes with all base hair colours- whether it’s blonde, brown or black.

Should you want to become a temporary or a long-term mermaid, pick your favourite shade of a turquoise blue for the dark hair lady owners.  Do consider though avoiding DIY methods and ask for a third party help to achieve a "natural" and balanced look.

All the beautiful blonds out there, on the other hand, should definitely consider the pastel colour mix.


And yet again- do go for those layers! It will help you feel more confident and own your colour mix with confidence and fearlessness no matter which colour mix you want to become a proud owner of.