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Top 10 Stunning medium hairstyles that will change your life

Top 10 Stunning medium hairstyles that will change your life

Medium length hairstyles are a perfect choice for women, who want to feel both beautiful and comfortable. They are great for every color and hair type. Here are some ideas of cute medium length hairstyles for women, that you can wear every day.

Curls. Use a curling iron, or simply scrunch your hair while blow drying it. Wear this easy hairstyle for special occasions or just every day.

"Messy" hair. Tease up your curly hair with a comb and fix it with some hair spray for this incredibly sexy hairstyle.

Bob. Get your hair cut just above the shoulders for one of the classic medium hairstyles for women. There are many ways to do this haircut, and it is great for every occasion. And don't forget to put some jewelry on to highlight you neck - the bob will make it look long and graceful.

Sophisticated look. Straighten your shoulder-length hair and add some shine spray for a sharp yet feminine hairstyle. This is a great choice if your hair doesn't curl easily.

Cut bangs. Add bangs to any hairstyle and it will completely change your appearence.. Give it a try - maybe you will never want to grow out bangs again.

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