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34 Layered Short HairCuts

34 Layered Short HairCuts

#1 Short Bob for Thick Hair

If you are the happy owner of thick hair, then short bob with straight springs will definitely benefit you. To add this haircut extra natural look, you can style it into a messy hairdo. Just wash your hair and blow it dry. This hairstyle will be equally perfect for ladies with both blond and dark hair. Try this flirty short bob and you won’t be unnoticed as eyes of all people around you will be magnetized by your natural messy haircut.

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#2 Asymmetrical Bob

You don’t want to have the haircut like other women do? Then this asymmetrical bob will be the thing you definitely need. Some extravagance is achieved by cutting one side shorter and another one – longer. Moreover, the hair part is also quite uneven. It seems that it tells: “I am not like others! I am unique!”. Still, regardless of the novelty, this hairdo will be an excellent choice for a modern woman.

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#3 Medium Length Bob Haircut

If you don’t want to cut off all your hair, but want some ultimate change of your image, then this medium length haircut will be a great solution. Steeply angled bangs make this hairstyle look especially feminine and elegant. To add some extra cuteness to this haircut, you can combine two colors: dark and light one. Besides, this look is very easy in maintenance.

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#4 Two Sides of One Coin

Are you bored with standard haircuts and want to express your inner emotions with the help of the hairdo? Try out this model. One side of it looks like a medium length French bob hairstyle belonging to some romantic and dreamy personality, while another shows a rebellious individual with a shaved temple. Show your black and white wearing this hairstyle.

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#5 Passionate Dancer Hairdo

Usually layered haircuts are super voluminous, but this one is an exception. The hair is combed out tightly with a help of some hair gel. This hairstyle will be suitable for some special occasion, like dancing in the role of Esmeralda, when nothing should prevent you from falling in love with dancing. Red lipstick will make the style of passionate dancer complete.

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#6 Pink Choppy Bob Hairstyle

If you are a romantic and sensitive person, your hairstyle should reflect it. Try some light pink dye to make your hair somewhat pinky, not screaming but tender and soft. As for taking care of this hairdo, it is unbelievably easy. Just wash your hair and let it dry on its own or use the hairdryer. Moreover, this haircut will perfectly suit those girls who have thick hair and the ones with thin.

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#7 Layered Haircut for Thin Hair

Every woman wants to be beautiful. Haircut matters when creating a perfect image. If your hair is not that thick and voluminous, don’t get upset. There is a way out for you: try layered haircut with the strands of various length. It will add extra volume to your hairstyle. To make the hair even more airy, select fair hues as they give some additional lightness to your overall look.Layered-short-haircuts-photo-7

#8 Show Your Wild Nature

If you feel yourself like a cat woman, this pixie short haircut will accentuate your inner cat being. It will be suitable for both thick and thin hair. Its maintenance won’t cause any troubles at all. Just wash your hair and dry it with hairdryer. You can select either dark or fair hair color depending on your face complexion. As for the form of the face, this model is equally good for both oval and round faces.Layered-short-haircuts-photo-8

#9 Short Layered Hairstyle for Thick Wavy Hair

This hairstyle is a golden mean concerning the length of the hair. It is short enough for those women, who for some reason don’t want to wear long hair, but it is still not too short as it can be tied into a ponytail. Thick hair is perfect for creating a fabulous voluminous look, while feather like strands add some romantic flavor. With this haircut you can set your hair just with your bare hands once you washed the hair.Layered-short-haircuts-photo-9

#10 Voluminous Look for Thin Hair

Layered haircuts always benefit when your hair is not thick enough. Layers are a perfect means of giving additional volume. To make the hairstyle even more splendid, it is advisable to make a side hair part. One more advice: don’t try to set your hair smoothly, let it be messy. The more mess you will add to your hair, the more volume you will get.Layered-short-haircuts-photo-10

#11 These Sweet Layers…

Once your hair is slightly wavy, you can give this option a try. Layered haircut with feather like springs will complete an image of sweet blondie girl. Layers add more volume, while waves make you look prettier than ever and unbelievably romantic. Side part will accentuate your inner freedom and easiness. Let you be yourself with this fine layered haircut.Layered-short-haircuts-photo-11

#12 Layered Business Lady Haircut

Are you a business lady or just like to wear some elegant clothes? It doesn’t matter. This layered haircut will be equally perfect in both cases. However, business style is not the limit of this haircut. Side bang makes it not so strict and serious. If you add some additional colors, bright jewelry and a dress, you will get an image of some princess beauty.Layered-short-haircuts-photo-12

#13 Messy Chocolate Hairstyle

If you like to break the rules, then you should try out this messy layered haircut. Dark colors rock. The darker the color is, the more badass girl you’ll look. It will be even cooler if your hair has a slight natural waviness. If this haircut could speak, it would tell that it is chaos and non-stop energy – two in one. Are you ready to be that daring? If yes, try it out!Layered-short-haircuts-photo-13

#14 Always Young and Beautiful

Fair hair color always looks fresh and young. If you want to appear younger, choose this fair hair layered hairstyle. It will make you shine with happiness and positive energy. Side part adds easiness and friendly air to your overall look. This hairdo will match both round and oval face shapes. If you want to add some peculiar characteristic, you can add darker but still fair hues.Layered-short-haircuts-photo-14

#15 Layered Straight Bob

If you require a hairstyle that will create an attractive framing around the face, this option would be a fine cheek matching solution. When it comes to styling this hairdo does not require plenty of time for adding some decent volume. In addition, there is a fine texture of blond that removes some years from your score, making your look more radiating.Layered-short-haircuts-photo-15

#16 Soft Smooth Layered Bob

When we talk about this hairdo, there are several associations which are caused by this hairdo – smooth, gentle, romantic. This hairdo is very simple and it’s not very stressful when it comes to organizing the hair in such manner. The soft layers of hair create a definitely flattering image that will assist you in daily routine.Layered-short-haircuts-photo-16

#17 Layered Back Swept Bob

Here we have another fine casual option for everyday elegant look. It includes the side-swept strands of hair. The tips are not cut smoothly. As you can see the tips are somewhat uneven, although it doesn’t spoil the symmetry. This is a contemporary hairdo and the majority of such hair designs are of various shapes and forms.Layered-short-haircuts-photo-17

#18 Twisted Inside Layered Bob

When it comes to styling of the hair, all women dream of having a unique style that will decorate all the clothes and make up. Here you can see one of rare contemporary hair options that is famous for its universality and applicability. The layers offer a fine structure of hair that provides the owner with shadows which make the face look slimmer and more fit.Layered-short-haircuts-photo-18

#19 Short Fiery Bob

Red hair color looks amazing when it is combined with short length hair. This variant of short messy bob is just something incredible for a red colored woman. This slight messy spikiness looks absolutely adorable and it would be a gorgeous element of you evening date image of a passionate fire lady. Need something to fire up the party? – Go for this hairdo!Layered-short-haircuts-photo-19

#20 Mid Length Bob With Burning Tips

Are you dreaming of a sensitive and elegant hairdo that will make you look divine? –Here is in one of many variants that may come to your taste. It offers slightly wavy bangs with a long fringe that is brushed diagonally. Moreover, the tips have been additionally decorated with a flame touch of ombre to add some spice to your overall gentle image.