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Top 11 Simple Pretty hairstyles for Short or Long Hairstyles

Top 11 Simple Pretty hairstyles for Short or Long Hairstyles

Choosing an amazing hairstyle at times becomes too difficult as your decision is likely to be split on whether to go for a short or long hairstyle. It doesn’t matter what hairstyle you will prefer regarding the hair length. There exist lots and lots of beautiful options for both lengths and it all depends on your preferences.

For those who would prefer having shorter hairstyles; having short hairs is cute and fun and you should be thinking of chopping your long ones or maybe update it to a shorter version. The copper top crop is a stunning hairstyle which gives a thick and natural wavy outlook. Your working environment doesn’t matter with this hairstyle; whether in office, modeling or just having fun. This cute hairstyle is easy to maintain and does add up lots of beauty to your face.

Are you having an oval, long or diamond face? The Feeling Fringe-Y works best; this versatile and cute short hairstyle can be worn down as well as up and gives a perfect natural and flexible look. If you want to maintain a short hairstyle that doesn’t need much maintenance but looks fantastic; the smooth red wine is the way to go. It fits lots of faces like sguare, pear, oval or even round.

Long hairstyles, the favorites of the Flollywood actresses; how pretty do they look? Off course very beautiful. There is a wide range to choose from if you prefer rocking long hairstyles. The Simple Braid is amazingly stylish and best thing about is that it’s fun, convenient and perfect especially when its summer.

The loosely wrapped strands around a curling wand; that is the tousled hairstyle suits any occasion and reguires low maintenance. For those in need of a casual day to day outing; the Side Apart hairstyle you just need to tuck your hair behind one of your ears, and then give flat ironing to the other side to give you the ultimately fashionable and young look.

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