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9 Pros of Wearing Short Natural Hairstyles

9 Pros of Wearing Short Natural Hairstyles

I am often surprised to see how girls spoil their hair with dies and artificial curling due to one reason. They believe it is easy to get bored of what the mother nature has granted. However, natural texture is treasured and hair stylists would fight for having a chance to deal with it.

Our today's story is not about glamorous beauty salons though. 9 amazingly simple to do Short Natural hairstyles you will find further will prove that everything beautiful is so much simple.

#1 Light sponge twists

To make African hair obedient, it's enough to use natural hair conditioning products such as Avocado extracts or African Shea butter. To create sponge twists that won't be too remarkable on the head, you need:

  1. a handmade sponge
  2. a curls booster product
  3. about 30 minutes of free time

short natural hairstyles photo - 1

Recommended facial shape: this hairdo works best with an oval flawless face and tends to emphasize the shape of cheekbones.

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#2 Super short, super daring

Ladies with Afro hair can afford wearing hair chopped extremely short. This Short Natural hairstyle solution is an escape for hot summer days and business women who have little to no free time but want to look appropriately.

short natural hairstyles photo - 2


  1. you save money on care products (an average 200 ml bottle of shampoo or conditioner will last twice as long compared to medium-length usage)
  2. you apply minimum efforts to take care of your hair
  3. you look fab and can put forward your best virtues (a refined face and a beautiful feminine neck).

#3 Asymmetrical short bob

short natural hairstyles photo - 3

A simple asymmetrical bob boosted with right transitions and lines can do miracles. It is perfect if you want to benefit from volume on a short cut.

What you might need:

  1. a hair dry set at the lowest hit or an iron
  2. a flyaway hair fighting product
  3. an oval face with even lines

#4 A high Afro bun

African females have an outstanding opportunity of using their hair texture as a trump. For example, see a sponge bun idea below.

short natural hairstyles photo - 4


  1. a few drops of Argan oil
  2. regular applications of leave-in conditioner
  3. knowledge of a proper styling technique
  4. an overall disposal of 20-30 minutes for creating a 'do

#5 Messy curled Mohawk

Our grannies associate Mohawks with something spiky and typical of certain social layers. However, long and messy fronts paired with one side shaving smoothen the classic look and even add femininity.

short natural hairstyles photo - 6


  1. looks especially good on multi-color hair (shaved back is darker than curled tips)
  2. requires a lightweight hairspray and regular conditioning

#6 Cute and curly African spirals

Another great fact about African hair is that it can be rocked in different styles with a couple of styling actions. These cute spirals are essential for accentuating natural curls.

short natural hairstyles photo - 8

Suggested products:

  1. setting lotion
  2. hair dryer (preferably, hooded)

#7 Chin-length bob tucked behind the ear

If your hair is naturally straight and not too thick, check this Short Natural hairstyle. Its specific feature is the play of contrasts: while one side is tucked behind the ear, the opposite one is created using more gentle shapes and lines starting from the bangs and finishing at tips.


Products you might find useful: a leave-in conditioner, a hair iron.

#8 Short straw bob

Do you think your hair resembles a hip of straw? Then turn it into your advantage. Define patches of hair, style them into different directions upwards using setting lotion and secure them with a hairspray.

Nuances: it's important to alternate between messy and carefully styled strands.

#9 Natural wavy bob

If your hair is lightly wavy and you don't want to bother it with regular ironing, opt for this easy style.


Do not make any clear parting. Let your hair fall into sides naturally. All you might accomplish is secure it with a gentle spray.

A small tip: stay away from sticky hair products because you can easily step behind the border of looking tidy and make your head dirty.